#ShirtlessSunday dedicated to @AtheistLauren

A lot of my Twitter people do these awesome #nopantsfriday and #shirtlesssunday photos twice a week where they pose half naked or mostly naked and post these photos online.

A lot of you might cringe as you think about it, imagining a lot of men and women just craving attention. I kind of thought that’s what it was at first. But I have to give credit to @AtheistLauren for starting it all as the founder of #nopantsfriday. She has made it clear that these photos aren’t about grubbing for compliments. She is anti body shaming. She started the tag to invite men and women to show their bodies.

Some pictures are matter of fact, some are goofy, some are risqué, and all are welcome. The whole point is to defy issues like sexual repression, body shaming, slut shaming, and rape culture. Through these photos we stand together making a statement that bodies aren’t shameful. That any body can be sexual. That sex is not shameful. That not all nakedness is sexual. That all bodies need to be accepted as they are.

We encourage openness and kindness. Sometimes I have followers take the photos in the wrong way and that is why I am writing this post. I want to make it clear what the pictures and hash tags are for. I encourage you to look up both hash tags on Twitter and consider contributing. We would love to have you. I usually take my posts down after a couple days. But the main point for me is to show support for users of the tag, especially on the day of the tag. Happy #shirtlessSunday!

About jenearose

Just finished my undergrad at GVSU. I studied Psychology, Sociology, and Biomedical Science. I have accepted my invitation to serve in the Peace Corps in Lesotho. When I get back to the States, I plan on enrolling in a Master's program of Public Health. I love Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Whitehall and frequently travel between them. Simply Barefoot was my very first email address when I was in high school. To me, it means keeping it simple, and keeping it real.
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